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Giampiero Peia
Giampiero PeiaGiampiero Peia who was born in Lodi in 1961 and graduated at the Architecture's University in Milan , was a partner of the design office of Ignazio Gardella from 1987 until 1994. He founded the Office Peia Associati in Milan in 1995, working in the field of design with innovating solutions from architecture to industrial design. He won some architecture's competitions and he planned the head offices of the Companies FilmMaster, Inferentia, Bain&Cuneo, the Concept Store Tad in Rome, the new factories Getrag and Cisal, a graveyard in Ascoli Piceno, the expansion of the Town Hall of San Donato Milanese, the restoration and recovery in cultural centre for the public of the monumental complex of Rocca Brivio; a sport centre with a sport palace in Salsomaggiore.

He also planned the stands for the Companies Virgilio, Fineco, Telecom, the store Roberto Baggio Sport, some outlets, he organized Fairs' events for Chrysler-Jeep, Tad and CISAL, companies for which he designs products, as well.

Among the projects in course ; we remind: master plan, residential towers and stores in Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur; residential buildings in Milan; the Media-Library of Fidenza (OF-Orsoline Fidenza); touristic complexes on the Maggiore Lake with residences, hotels, sport centre, congress centre, restaurants and yachting club. In Doha, Qatar, the Alfardan Towers, SPA and the " Pearl Pavillon".

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